Roots To Roses Madhu Neem and Turmeric Face and Body Scrub




SCRUBS - Our delicious range of sugar,butter,salt,gel,powder and cream based scrubs exfoliate deeply but gently leaving the skin clean and fresh. Choose from different fruit,flower,essential oils and clay's.


NOURISHERS - A splendid spread of different body butters,lotions,balms,oils,lip balms,creams to nourish the skin make it soft and supple. Our special range of beauty ELIXIRS are too good to be true.


MASQUES - Masques which just work as magic on your skin removing all traces of fatigue making skin look youthful fresh and beautiful. A huge range to choose what suits best for your skin.


CLEANSERS - A quality range of hair,face,body and spa cleansers made of different fruit,flower,essential oil etc.


FRAGRANCES - A wonderful  long lasting range of ITTARS and ESSENTIAL BURNING OILS available to choose the best which suits your senses. An excellent gifting option.


SOAPS - Organic handmade hand cut soaps which work in perfect harmony to ease away all skin disorders. Choose from RED ROSE, YELLOW ROSE, MOGRA, KESAR, LEMONGRASS, ROOTS etc.


KAJAL and SURMA - An ayurvedic medicine for eyes,our KAJAL and SURMA are one of the bestsellers.


Also ask for our exciting seasonal extract range, organic make up products and gift packing's.